Frequently Asked Questions

What genre music do you play?

WAYDSB draws inspiration mostly from Punk, Rock and Metal artists but are not limited to one specified genre. 

Where can I find your music?

WAYDSB's Dodge City Blitz music video can be found on YouTube and lower on this page. Right now it is the only officially released WAYDSB song. We will be releasing our album by January 2022! Stay tuned for details. For now you'll just have to come check us out live and see for yourself .

Note: Some events maybe age restricted please check events page for details. 

Do you have merch?

WAYDSB's merch table is open at most events. Stop by and grab T-Shirts, Buttons, Stickers, and more at every show. WAYDSB merch is not currently available for online purchase. 

Are all WAYDSB shows 21+?

Not all, but most are. It varies depending on location of venue. Contact the WAYDSB team for specific event details if you are planning on attending the event with a minor.

What does WAYDSB mean?

We cannot just tell you... you must figure it out yourself, or tell us what WAYDSB means to you. Visit our Band History page and tell the WAYDSB Team what you think it means. 

Do you have a question that was not covered by our FAQ? Fear not, reach out to the WAYDSB team for a direct answer and help resolving any quandaries.