WAYDSB draws inspiration from various  types of music, and the chaotic bullshit that is life. This five piece band has created their own genre. The kick ass mix of Blues, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and Jazz has collided in the perfect way that is WAYDSB.

Meet The Band

We are WAYDSB. 

Meet your favorite local band.

Tyler Cruz

Lead Vocalist

James McFadden


David Bloodworthy


Liam Cavanaugh


Vinny Macias


Book a show with WAYDSB

If you would like WAYDSB to perform at your venue or are in a band and would like us to play a show with you, please contact us via; email, text or message us on social media. We look forward to our future gigs together! 

Waydsb Social Media

Allison Follmann

Management & Photography

I photograph every WAYDSB event. If you or your band are playing the same show as WAYDSB and would like free pictures curtesy of the WAYDSB Team, please feel free to ask before the start of your set. Please check  Events Page for WAYDSB gigs and availability before contacting. 

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