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WAYDSB History

Waydsb was a band born of multiple musicians trying to find their homes in music and the best way to make their voices heard. Each of us has had bands in the past that didn't work out, but Waydsb is what will make a difference in this world. We want to share our perspectives with you, and maybe our music will help you understand and feel what it is we're expressing. We are a four piece local band based out of the Joliet area. The band has changed members and styles since the beginning. Two of the founders of still remain, Tyler Cruz (Vocalist) and James McFadden (Guitarist) formed Waydsb in 2019. But the perfect name eluded us for a while. Before our first gig as a new band we realized how we wanted the world to know us... Unfortunately we cannot tell you what our name means but we'll allow you to guess with this one and only hint: IT IS AN ACRONYM.

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